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A lifeline for community managers

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I need some help marketing a new B2C productivity application. Who do I know with experience in marketing?

Jared Stevens

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1:28 PM

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Valentina Osborne

Fractional CMO. Happy to take a free meeting or coffee.

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1:25 PM

Isaiah Koch

Product Marketing Manger. 10 years of experience.

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1:27 PM

Meredith Coffey

Marketing and growth peer expert. 3 acquisitions.

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Scale community introductions

Britepeer is a networking Slackbot that helps community members meet each other.

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The Slackbot is free.

it’s easy to get started.

We respect your community’s data.

For Communities

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🌞 A peer has a new question:

Industry: Healthcare

Category: Launching a business

Question: I have a patented medical device and I'm seeking help with marketing and commercialization.

Britepeer introduces community members.

Help people in your community meet each other.

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Name: Emilee Anders

Bio: I have 10 years of marketing experience in healthcare including business modeling, development and go-to-market.

Booking link:

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2:47 PM

Wyatt Adams

Thank you so much.

Give your community members access to experts.

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Increase the value and scalability of your paid community.

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For Companies

Offer community as a product with Britepeer

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Save money on user research: Britepeer gives your company a way to monitor your closest client-base. You can use Britepeer to conduct early research on new products and services they ask for in the group.

Create new revenue streams: Use the user research you’ve collected from Britepeer to create and offer new products and services.

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Create a new marketing pipeline: By creating a community, you are creating a funnel that connects sales, marketing, customer success and client management. Britepeer can help you manage that funnel.

Charge money for your community: The value of the tool is in connecting your members with the right people so they can achieve their goals.

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Areas of the business Britepeer improves:

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Strengthen client success and client relationships

Help members get more work done with you

Learn about members to offer new services

Create new revenue models

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Here’s how it works on Slack:

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Select what you want, and fill out your category, industry and booking link.

Matches incoming!

  • Host a diverse group full of folks with lots of different talents.
  • Want to match peers to other peers.
  • Want your distributed workforce to connect without having to leave Slack.

Helpful links:

Support Questions

Don’t use Slack? Let’s talk.

Britepeer is currently only available for Slack. If your community uses another platform and needs the capability of matching community members, it’s’ worth talking about!


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